Why hardwood flooring could be the last floor you install

Why hardwood flooring could be the last floor you install

Solid hardwood flooring offers one of the most extended lifespans in the flooring industry. Most floors offer lifespans from five to ten years, especially if you shop budget floors.

You could easily go through your final flooring installation with hardwood floors. And here are some facts about the materials to help you understand why.

Wood floors last for decades

Engineered wood floors offer lifespans that can reach 30 years with ease. But solid hardwood floors can last more than 100 years with professional installation.

These floors last long because they're durable and can withstand daily wear. With wood flooring, you can add features that make the floors even more durable than usual.

Refinishing is essential for the longevity of your flooring

After a decade or more, daily wear will start to show on the surface of your floors. Scratches, water spots, dents, and dings can mar the look and performance of these surfaces.

Refinishing is sanding off years of wear, revealing a fresh wood layer. Then you can add a new stain and finish to create a new surface that lasts for years.

You can also protect the new surface of your wood flooring with a few mats, area rugs, or runners. This keeps traffic off the surface of your floors, so they'll last longer.

Choose the best features for your wood floors

You'll find outstanding options for the longest possible lifespan at BCI Floor Specialists. Our associates are experienced in wood floor options that will serve you well, especially over time.

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