How do I keep my hardwood floors looking shiny and lustrous?

Maintaining wood flooring isn't difficult, but you need to be mindful of seasonal changes with different mud, ice, salt, leaves, etc. Summer can be particularly wet, especially if you have a pool where people can drag in wet towels and clothes, not to mention those pop-up thunderstorms. 

Prevention is better than cure 

You know the story...."The better you take care of something, the longer it lasts."  That's especially the case with solid hardwood flooring, as dirt can build up fairly quickly, so it's best to stay ahead of it. Establish a routine where you dust daily because that'll keep the dirt, which is sharp and can create scratches, off the floor. Use usual cautions, such as wiping spills immediately, strategically placing mats in front of sinks and entrances, keeping pet nails trimmed, and using protective furniture pads to avoid scratching. 

Clean once a week and polish quarterly.  

A washable microfiber pad is best, but if you must sweep, use a soft broom and go according to the grain. For cleaning, use a chemical-free neutral PH cleaner, but don't overdo it; too much liquid will soak through and damage the floor. Also, avoid vinegar on wood floors, as it can eat through, even when diluted. 
As for polishing, we always tell customers at our hardwood flooring company to check with us first to ensure they use the correct product type for the floor.  

Generally, water-based cleaners will restore shine, but they won't overclean, strip the floor or emit toxins. On the other hand, urethane-based polishes are durable and dry quickly and can even out tiny scratches to give a smoother appearance. Don't forget about refinishing, either; it's usually best to consider it every seven to 10 years. 
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