What to know about hardwood flooring species

What to know about hardwood flooring species

Hardwood species vary in hardness, color, and grain pattern, and while each species has unique characteristics, all hardwoods have an extreme wood density.

That means unfinished floor planks are tough and long-lasting, ready to be stained, and finished with a sealant that can have a matte to high gloss shine.

Both unfinished and prefinished solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood styles are available at BCI Floor Specialists in Ebensburg, PA.

Wood grain

You can see the distinct wood grain pattern when choosing an open-grain hardwood species like hickory, elm, oak, and ash.

Close-grain hardwoods such as cherry, yellow poplar, maple, and birch are smoother than open-grain woods, with a more coarse and rustic appearance.

A wood grain pattern can be straight or wavy and contain knotholes, wormholes, and other natural characteristics that add visual appeal.

Popular species

Oak wood flooring is the perennial favorite, and since red oak and white oak are widely available, hues are numerous and vary from light to dark. Birch is another versatile wood, and if you prefer an eye-catching floor, choose flamed or curly birch.

However, maple is light-colored, and because it is a quick-growing domestic wood, it is considered sustainable and eco-friendly. Unfinished hickory has a strong color contrast that ranges from deep brown to creamy white.

Darker woods

Today, dark hardwood floors are as trendy as light-colored wood floors, and a natural, no-stain look is typical. Dark wood flooring includes deep brown mahogany, red-hued cherry, and walnut, which is notable for its deep brown color that often contains a purple hue.

In addition, dark wood floors, which work well with light-colored furnishings, are not as prone to fading as light wood floors because they absorb sunlight instead of repelling it.

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